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What You Can Do to Protect Your Invisalign Aligner

April 5, 2024

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Someone holding an Invisalign aligner

One of the main reasons that Invisalign has become so popular in recent years has to do with the amount of freedom that the treatment affords its patients. Being able to take your clear aligners off at any time allows patients to take control of their orthodontic care. However, this same freedom comes with responsibility.

If you aren’t careful, it’s possible to fall off track with your Invisalign treatment. This can cost you a lot more time and money in the future, so if you’re curious, here’s are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind regarding Invisalign treatment.

Do: Wear Your Aligner 20-22 Hours a Day

One of the first and most important things to keep in mind is that your aligners are only going to work for you for as long as you’re wearing them. For that reason, it’s important to wear your trays as much as you can if you’re interested in getting through your treatment quickly. The general recommendation is 20-22 hours a day, which leaves just enough time for eating and for cleaning your trays afterward.

Don’t: Wear Your Trays While Eating

In an effort to meet the 22 hour quota, patients are sometimes tempted to leave their aligners on while they eat. This can easily backfire. Refusing to take off your Invisalign aligners makes you more likely to break them on whatever you’re eating, which can set you off track just as easily as if you were to not wear them at all.

Do: Brush Your Teeth After Meals

If you have food particles stuck to or in between your teeth, placing a clear aligner on top of them will cause the bacteria on the teeth to be trapped there, allowing them to flourish. This will naturally lead to gum disease and cavities.

Don’t: Clean Your Trays with Hot Water

While your trays are incredibly durable, they’re also made out of plastic. This means that they can warp when exposed to extreme temperatures. It’s therefore recommended that you clean your aligners only with lukewarm water, never hot or cold.

About the Author

Dr. Cedric Chenet has been in dentistry for over four decades at this point, and while his wealth of experience serves him well, he’s also careful not to fall behind on the latest developments in his field. In addition to Invisalign, he has studied prosthodontics, endodontics, and even pediatric dentistry in an effort to better serve his patients. Dr. Chenet graduated from Howard University in Washington and honed his skills as an officer in the US Air Force for 20 years before starting his private practice.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, he can be reached at his website or by phone at (321) 253-3136.

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