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Cedric C. Chenet DDS Blog

Athletes, Regain Your Winning Smile With Dental Implants

August 11, 2023

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A hockey player with a missing tooth who is considering a dental implant

When the Friday night lights come on and the crowd roars, it’s go time. As an athlete, the last thing you want to be thinking about on the field is if your teeth are going to hold up. Dental implants can provide that peace of mind, so you can keep running for your goals.

Why choose dental implants over other tooth replacement methods? Continue reading to learn more about dental implants, and why they are the best treatment available, especially for athletes.


What Can Keep You from Getting Dental Implants?

July 20, 2023

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A dentist explaining how implants work to a patient

If you lack any teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. These prosthetics can restore smiles beautifully and effectively! However, you’ll need to see whether you qualify for them first. Treatment won’t work if you have issues that interfere with dental implant placement. Fortunately, your local Melbourne dentist can help you settle the qualification question. (It’s just a matter of learning some key facts.) To that end, here are the standard problems that disrupt implant work and ways to resolve them.


Dental Crowns & Fillings: How Are They Different?

June 14, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 6:46 pm
a dental crown

You learn that you have a tooth that is decayed. You need some sort of protection to keep it from worsening over time. When discussing your options with your dentist, you inquire about the difference between a dental crown and a filling. While it might seem like one is better than the other, it ultimately depends on the severity of your decay. In this article, you’ll learn how each of them works and the requirements needed so that you can better prepare for your upcoming treatment.


Signs That You Might Need a Denture Reline

May 4, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 6:21 am
a closeup of someone holding a denture

Dentures are one of the most popular tooth restoration solutions around. These prosthetics have totally changed the lives of countless generations of patients, as they’re capable of providing awesome oral functionality while looking quite natural. That said, as great as dentures are, they unfortunately aren’t meant to last forever, and after years of use they can often benefit from what’s known as a reline. Here’s more from your dentist about this process and some signs that you might benefit from it!


3 Reasons to Invest Your Tax Refund in Oral Health

April 14, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 8:36 am
Dental tools placed on a stack of dollar bills

Since it’s now mid-April, you’ve hopefully filed your tax return for the past year. If so, you’ll likely receive a tax refund any day now! When you do, though, don’t use it on novelties and trinkets. Instead, try to spend your tax refund on oral health. This investment in your smile would have a lot of perks! To prove it, your Melbourne dentist is here with the evidence. Read on, then, to learn three major reasons to spend your refund on professional dentistry.


3 Bad Habits that Could Damage Your Dentures

March 9, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 9:27 pm
dentures soaking in a glass

If you have dentures to replace missing teeth, you probably appreciate the way it makes you look and feel every day. With that in mind, you probably want your prosthetic to last for as long as possible.

To do that, you would do well to avoid certain bad habits that could potentially damage dentures if you aren’t careful. Here are a few examples.


How Dental Implants Can Prevent Facial Collapse 

February 16, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 6:38 pm
closeup of patient smiling after receiving dental implants

If you have gaps in your grin, this does more than just impact the way your beam looks. It can also make it difficult for you to feel confident in the way your smile looks, which can make social situations less enjoyable. Missing teeth can also lead to facial collapse. Continue reading to learn why this is as well as what dental implants can do to prevent it.


How to Protect Your Teeth During Your Fitness Journey

December 29, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 10:00 am
A smiling woman pursuing fitness and oral health

It’s a new year soon, so you probably have some New Year’s Resolutions — things like learning a new language, improving your job prospects, etc. Whatever else is on the list, though, chances are fitness is a goal too. In that case, you’ll need to ensure your physical activity doesn’t conflict with your smile. Your teeth could suffer otherwise! Thankfully, your Melbourne dentist can help you. Here’s a summary of four helpful tips on safely maintaining physical fitness and oral health.


Why Do I Have Morning Breath?

November 14, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 7:06 pm
a couple experiencing morning breath in Melbourne

After waking up from a restful sleep, you go to have breakfast with your family. When trying to say, “Good morning,” you suddenly notice an unpleasant smell coming from your mouth. Although brushing your teeth and tongue helps, you might wonder why this started in the first place. Read on to learn the common causes of morning breath, several prevention tactics, and how your dentist can help!


3 Ways You’ll Save Money by Visiting Your Dentist

October 4, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — chenetdoc @ 10:40 pm
A dental patient saving money thanks to their dental insurance

If you have dental insurance, you’ve wisely chosen to invest in your smile—but it’s completely up to you to take advantage of your benefits! After all, visiting your dentist always results in great things for your smile. But did you know that it can also greatly benefit your wallet? Here are three ways how!

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