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Processing Perfection: 4 Steps to Getting Veneers

February 26, 2024

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Closeup of cement being applied to a veneer

If you’re frustrated by flaws in your smile, you’re not alone. Fortunately, your dentist can provide porcelain veneers to address several different imperfections simultaneously. These thin, ceramic shells are bonded to the front surface of your teeth to mask chips, cracks, stains, minor gaps, and slight overcrowding.

Getting veneers can be an investment in time and resources, though, so it’s important to understand what’s involved before moving forward. If you want to know more, keep reading to learn about 4 steps in the process or having them placed!

Step #1: Consultation Appointment

You’ll need to meet with your dentist before proceeding with any elective treatment to discuss your dental goals and medical history. Then, your provider will examine your mouth to ensure there are no issues that would interfere with your veneers, like tooth decay or gum disease. If there are issues, they’ll work with you to address those, first. Then, once they verify whether you’re a viable candidate for this treatment, they’ll continue to the next step.

Step #2: Preparation & Impressions

To line these shells up appropriately with your natural teeth along your gums, your dentist needs to remove a thin layer of enamel. This protective outer layer doesn’t grow back meaning that this change is considered irreversible. This impacts the structure of your tooth so you’ll need to have a veneer (or some other restoration) in place to shield it from potential future damage.

Once that’s completed, your dentist will take impressions of your pearly whites. Whether they use a manual mold or have virtual imaging available, they’ll gather the information needed to create your customized veneers.

Step #3: Creating Your Veneers

Your dentist will send the data they’ve gathered to a lab to create your new permanent veneers. Because your teeth are in a vulnerable state, they’ll provide you with a temporary set to wear in the meantime for protection. After a few weeks, the covers will be delivered to your dentist and you’ll be scheduled for a fitting. They’ll check to ensure that the color is matched correctly and that everything fits how it should. If there are any adjustments to be made, they’ll note the corrections and return your veneers to the lab to be finalized.

Step #4: Placing Your Veneers

Once adjustments have been completed, your dentist can place your permanent veneers. They will clean your teeth and etch the front surface so that a stronger bond can form with the adhesive. They’ll place a special cement on your pearly whites and position the shells over it. This is hardened in place with a curing light and any excess will be removed.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll finally have the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of!

About the Author

Dr. Cedric C. Chenet genuinely cares for his patients and strives to enhance their daily quality of life by providing high-quality dental solutions, including veneers. He earned his bachelor’s of science degree from Averett College in Virginia, and then attained his DDS from Howard University in Washington, D.C. He has continued to develop his skills with specialized training in general dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, and pediatric dentistry. If you’re looking to upgrade your grin, he’s an expert with access to state-of-the-art technology to help. You’re welcome to request your consultation appointment on the website or by calling (321) 253-3136.

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